mike sebring

As the owner of Soundhouse I have  worked with some really great producers like Jack Endino, Steve Fisk and Matt Bayles –  and get to experience their different recording methods and styles, incorporating what I learn into my own methodology.

 I do a lot of pre and post production and some recording at the Wandering Infinity Studio but do most of my mixing and tracking at Soundhouse.  I enjoy the creative aspect of recording, mixing, and using the studio as a creative/ songwriting tool. As such we have an impressive microphone, mic pre, and effects and processing collection, including tons of vintage and modern flavors.  

I also produce Playing with Strangers at Soundhouse; a collaboration of hand picked musicians from different bands who come together at Soundhouse to write, record and perform an EP in about 2 days.

Production/ Tracking/ Film/ Music

Sculpting and creating spaces and sounds for film and animation and recording albums.

But mostly recording albums.